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Gifrer products are for the whole family. There is specific care for the mother, such as breastfeeding balm or dietary supplements to help adults get back to sleep. Gifrer has developed its expertise and advantage in the fields of antiseptics, dermatology, gastroenterology and the ENT sphere. This laboratory also offers for free sale in pharmacy, mosquito repellent products and drugs such as paraffin oil. Thanks to their commitments in terms of traceability, quality and ethics, Gifrer laboratories have established themselves, for more than a century, on the French and international markets.

Baby hygiene

The laboratory Gifrer was created in 1912, following the meeting between a chemist and two producers of hydrogen peroxide. In 1980 the concept of single-dose is developed to help pharmacists protect the conditioning of care products. In just a few years, Gifrer Laboratories occupy a prominent position in the hygiene and body care market by selling the first single-dose formats of saline, commonly used to wash the nose or clean the eyes of infants or adults. This single-dose format offers a hygienic and easy-to-use solution.

Adapted formulas for baby's skin

Today, the brand Gifrer offers a wide range of treatments, dedicated to the (future) mother, the baby, the child and the whole family. In single-dose format, Gifrer has declined, in addition to its saline solution, eosin and its oleocalcary liniment, to treat diaper rash resulting in red buttocks in infants. In fact, the Gifrer liniment based on lime water is the cult baby care of the brand. There are also cleaning wipes with olive oil, a relaxing night balm or anti-lice solutions.

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