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Erbalab cheap in your bio pharmacy online

Learn more about the Laboratory ERBALAB Innovating in Phytotherapy and Micronutrition? The Laboratory Erbalab did! Exit plant powder capsules and vials of natural extracts impractical way to the pump AIRLESS Erbalab! CONCENTRATION High concentration of assets. solids titrated plants for a fixed concentration, constant and above. Micronutrimens precisely dosed. SUBLINGUAL optimal bioavailability. Patented SDS SUBLINGUAL DELIVERY SYSTEM sublingual absorption by the blood capillaries (no deterioration of assets by the stomach). The sublingual route allows optimal bioavailability of the active. It allows quickly reaching the systemic circualtion avoiding first pass metabolism by the liver. Sublingual ensures the active content by not cross the gastrointestinal barrier and the partial destruction of some molecules by acids and enzymes in the stomach. NATURAL COMPOSITION Agave Syrup and Organic rice, extract of natural origin. optimal because no pollutants purity and pesticide. Gluten guaranteed products. AIRLESS BOTTLE The bottle "airless" prevents premature degradation of natural active ingredients from plants on contact with air and promotes maximum shelf until expiration term, even after the first use. innovative form to maintain the integrity of the assets.

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