SPORTENINE Homeopathy CRAMPS ACHES 33 tablets Boiron

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Boiron spécialités homéopathiques conseilsBoiron spécialités homéopathiques conseils

SPORTENINE Homeopathy CRAMPS ACHES 33 tablets Boiron. Homeopathic medicine traditionally used in case of cramps (pregnant women, sports), body aches, muscle fatigue, at sporting efforts or overexertion.

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Used for : spasms, cramps, muscle contractures, cramp pregnant woman, sports cramp

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Complex natural homeopathic Sportenine is recommended to prevent and fight against cramps in pregnant women and athletes.

Why Sportenine / indication?

Traditionally used in cases of cramps (pregnancy, sports), body aches, muscle fatigue, at sporting efforts or overexertion, Sporténine enhances muscle strength naturally.

Who Sportenine?

Adults (including pregnant or lactating women) and children over 6 years

How to Sportenine / dosage and application advice?

SPORTÉNINE, chewable tablets are all the more effective as you accompany it with a healthy lifestyle and preventive measures.

So before the warm-up and stretching after your workouts contribute to better preparation and physical recovery.

Before the muscular effort: 1 chewable tablet the night before or just before the test.
During muscular exercise: 1 chewable tablet every hour.
After the muscular effort: 1 chewable tablet, repeated every hour until improvement.

Pregnant women: 2 tablets Sporténine (médicamnet homeopathic) during a painful crisis of night cramps, and throughout the pregnancy.

Do not exceed 10 tablets daily.
Take the tablets between meals.

Taking tablet is against-indicated in children under 6 years due to the risk of aspiration associated with the dosage form.

Note that it is possible to dissolve the tablets Sporténine in a glass of water, for smaller children, suffering from night cramps or muscle soreness following strenuous exercise.

Pharmaceutical form / packaging Sportenine

Box of 33 chewable tablets.

Contained Sportenine / composition?

Composition for a chewable Sporténine
Arnica montana 9 CH - 6,67mg
Sarcolacticum ac 3CH - 6,67mg
Zincum oxydatum 3CH - 6,67mg
Excipients Sportenine: glucose monohydrate, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, citric acid monohydrate, natural lemon flavor.
Authorized medicinal product: Sportenine No. 3400936096875

Advice from our pharmacists to prevent night cramps

- Drink 1.5 liters of water (mineral water rich in minerals) per day.

- Adopt a balanced diet, including refueling of fruits and vegetables to avoid missing potassium, magnesium or calcium

- Walking barefoot on a cold floor (tile type).
- Take a cold shower, up the jet from the bottom up to the calf. Finish with a hot jet of water, which will release the spasm.
- Place a pillow under the calves and feet to sleep. This promotes blood circulation in the night.
- For pregnant women suffering from night cramps, we recommend to raise the foot of the bed of 7 to 8 cm throughout pregnancy.
- Make a light pedaling legs every night before bed

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