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LIPOFEINE ARKOPHARMA Gel Caffeine Cream slimming special cellulite. Lipofeine is a slimming gel for the treatment of local subcutaneous fat deposits (cellulite).

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    There are many ways to lose weight . As everyone already knows, a healthy diet and a minimum of training allows weight loss. Lipofeine is a slimming gel that will help you lose that extra weight. This product is intended for the treatment of localized subcutaneous fat overloads (cellulite).

    Properties of Lipofen Gel 5% Arkopharma

    Lipofeine is composed of 5% caffeine . Caffeine helps prevent the storage of fat in adipocytes. It also removes fats already present in the adipocyte and has the role of disinfilating the support tissue of the adipocyte. Another component of Lipofeine is macrogol 7 glycerol cocoate. Macrogol cocoate 7 glycerol is a derivative of coconut oil . This oil is intended to give a soft skin after the application of Lipofeine.

    Macrogol cocoate 7 glycerol facilitates the dissolution of the caffeine of percutaféine during the process of penetration into the skin to get to the adipocyte. This element of Lipofeine is very essential for caffeine to get to places where fat is a problem. The other elements that you will find in Lipofeine slimming gel are 96% alcohol, trolamine, carbomer and purified water. These are the elements of Lipofeine that makes up this slimming product.

    Traditional use of LIPOFEINE ARKOPHARMA Caffeine Gel

    Symptomatic treatment of local subcutaneous fat deposits (cellulitis).

    Dosage of Lipofen Gel Arkopharma

    Local way. Apply locally 10 to 20 g per day and penetrate the gel with a gentle massage.

    How to use Lipofen Gel 5% Arkopharma

    Local way, to penetrate the gel by a gentle massage.

    In order to maximize the use of Lipofeine, you should use it twice a day, an application in the morning and once in the evening. This is the best way to maximize the effectiveness of Lipofeine. It is very important that your skin is clean and dry when applying Lipofeine. If you do not have dry skin, this could interfere with the Lipofeine penetration process. You may not have the expected results with Lipofeine.

    You will need a six-week baseline treatment at the start of Lipofine treatment. This is the equivalent of two tubes, so about 10-20 grams of gel per day. Then you could decrease the amount of Lipofine you will apply. Usually, you should buy between 2-3 tubes of Lipofine per year. For more information about Lipofine, ask your pharmacist.

    Having a healthy diet as well as daily training is desired with Lipofeine . You will not lose excess fat just by applying the Lipofeine Slimming Gel. The gel helps release the fats you need to burn through regular physical activity.

    Composition of Lipofen Gel 5% Arkopharma

    Composition for 100 g of caffeine gel: 5 g
    Caffeine, 96% ethanol, macrogol cocoate 7 glycerol, carbomers, trolamine, purified water.

    Precautions for use with Lipofen Gel 5% Arkopharma

    This product can not replace a balanced diet.

    Do not exceed the recommended dose. Unless advised by a doctor or pharmacist, do not use during pregnancy and lactation and in children under 12 years of age. Keep away from sources of heat and light. Store at a temperature not exceeding + 30 ° C.

    When applying Lipofeine, you should make sure you have no lesions in the skin, as this may cause irritation due to the alcohol contained in Lipofeine.

    Learn more about Lipofen Gel 5% Arkopharma

    Sport and Doping: If you are a professional sportsperson, you should inquire with your organization about what happens. Since Lipofeine contains caffeine, you may find traces of caffeine in your urine. However, in some sports, Lipofeine could be considered a doping product.

    Learn more about cellulite


    SKIN: The skin is the only organ of the human body in contact with both the inner body and the external environment.
    It is composed of 3 layers: epidermis, dermis, hypodermis.
    We can compare the structure of the skin to a house, as follows:
    - The epidermis: protective fabric will correspond to the roof
    - The dermis: part providing support, elasticity and nutrition will have the role of frame
    - The hypodermis: fat mattress can be compared to the walls of a house

    ADIPOCYTES: Normally our body stores fats (or lipids) in specialized cells: adipocytes.
    These cells located in the hypodermis, the deepest part of the skin, are grouped in small clusters limited by support bays (connective tissue) as the mesh of a net.
    This stock of fat is absolutely necessary. It is indeed our reservoir of energy.
    Depending on the needs of our organism, our inheritance and the physical activity, these fats are transformed into assimilable fatty acids, under the action of enzymes (phenomenon of lipolysis).
    It may happen that this mechanism is not enough to compensate for the storage processes. This results in an accumulation of fat in the adipocytes. Inflated with fatty acids, they increase in volume.
    The supportive fabric, which is not stretchable, reacts and thickens ... and that's how the orange peel aspect of your skin is explained.



    • Hormonal causes (estrogen)
    • Heredity
    • Fatty lobules bigger
    • Skin thinner

    Important adipocyte distribution: thighs / buttocks / hips.


    In the morning: Your body tends to destock fat at the beginning of the day.
    Evening / night: The body spends less energy. Your body tends to store fat more easily.

    Remember to adapt your diet to your own biological rhythm: eat rich in the morning, protein at noon and light in the evening.


    Most women have cellulite as early as adolescence. Many factors favor its appearance and it is difficult to escape completely. On the other hand, it is important to take good habits early enough to limit cellulite and feel better about yourself. ...
    The massages are part of good habits to take, this sheet will help you understand why and how to proceed.

    Why do massages help fight "orange peel"?

    Cellulite is a fatty tissue composed of round cell clusters (adipocytes) separated by fibrous septa and strongly irrigated by blood capillaries.

    • The orange peel is due to the existence of fat storage areas associated with the loss of elasticity of the skin.
    • Improving cutaneous flexibility is essential to fight against the appearance of orange peel (attention must also be paid to other measures such as monitoring diet and exercising regularly).
    • The massage allows to soften, restructure and decongest the tissues.
    • The movement of the massage favors the drainage which contributes to fight against the cellulite.

    What is the point of combining anticellulite cream with massage?

    The application of anticellulite cream is done by massage; which helps to act effectively against cellulite.

    Some products promote microcirculation, others stimulate the destocking of fats or both. The application of slimming products can be beneficial if it is regular or in several courses during the year.

    How to proceed at home to apply an anti-cellulite cream?

    1. Massage daily applying the product lightly effleurage on the area to be treated, then perform deep kneading: on the stomach, waist, thighs, inside the knees or others.
    2. Perform a palpate-rolling by grabbing a fold of skin with both hands and slide it between his fingers, repeat this gesture at least 3 times for each zone.
    3. Drain the lower limbs by placing the hands in a bracelet around the ankle and back towards the groin, gently but with a slight pressure.

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