RESCUE PETS - pour Animaux Fleurs de Bach ORIGINAL صورة بشكل اكبر


Fleurs de Bach RESCUEFleurs de Bach RESCUE

Rescue Bach flowers PETS - Pets for stained Bottle 10 ml
A Formula Rescue Bach flowers adapted to our four-legged friends (dog, cat, cow ...)! .

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    Rescue Flower bachPETS - for Pets (dog, cat ...) tinted bottle of 10 ml.

    The absence of the master, the car, thunder, visits to the vet and grooming up the long list of stress triggers events in your pet.  

    Properties Rescue Bach flowers PETS

    Rescue pets helps manage stress and excitement of our pets (dogs, cats ...) everyday.

    Composed of 5 species Bach Original Flower:

    A Flower Extract myrobalan plum
    Your pet loses control of himself, and goes to see up to scratch violently self-mutilation to get relief. Plum relieves and allows him to regain his composure.
    A Clematis Flower Extract
    Your companion lack of concentration and learning problems. Clematis operates the desired change and makes your pet more receptive to your commands and dynamic.
    An extract Impatiens Flowers
    The character of your pet is strong and its behavior becomes aggressive. The Impatient makes it more sociable with his entourage.
    A Rock Rose Flower Extract
    Panicked, your companion manifest physical signs such as tremor, a defensive position and becomes uncontrollable. The Rock Rose gives him all the confidence he needs to fight his negative emotions and soothe.
    A Flower Extract Star of Bethlehem
    This flower supports animal who has suffered emotional or physical shock.

    This complex was developed by Dr. Bach in the 30s, Rescue is the emergency solution to help our little friends (dog, cat, goat ...) to remain calm in all circumstances.

    This formula, alcohol is suitable for all pets. This dietary supplement helps   calm your companion in any stress context.

    Indications Rescue Bach flowers PETS

    Sudden stress, strong emotions.
    Some examples of using Rescue Pets: before a visit to the vet or groomer, after a shock, fear, abuse.

    Directions for use Bach Flower Rescue PETS

    Pour 4 drops of Rescue Pets on a candy, food or water in your pet container, repeat if necessary up to 6 times a day. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

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